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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

InSpectres Note

This blog is 99% D&D lately, but I do have a couple other game interests, which eventually I have to get back around to. For example, while recommending InSpectres to someone the other day, I just happened to check the store page for it, and I noticed that Jared has added a link to Legion of Superscience: "A Venture Bros.-inspired hack of InSpectres". Oops! I guess I better get back on the ball in the next month or two and finish the revised and expanded rulebook for that game.


  1. I've heard a lot of good things about InSpectres and have been meaning to pick it up. I was just thinking about Ghostbusters the other day...

  2. I've made the statement that it works great for any episodic TV-like adventure or mystery session or campaign. Some people have taken exception to this, but I stand by it.

    I ran the UnSpeakable variant at a con for players who had never heard of the game and hadn't played anything like it. I set it up with the idea of mixing Lovecraft with a '20s road trip, sort of like Supernatural; players never took off down the road, but the game went well despite the change of plans and everyone enjoyed it.