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Monday, August 27, 2012

Undead Rebirth

So let me get this straight: The OSR is dead?

The OSR -- which isn't an organization, has no membership lists, has no agenda or central planning -- is now dead?

The Old School Renaissance -- which is just a descriptive phrase suggesting a resurgence of interest in old school gaming, the same way a resurgence of interest in classical learning was once described as THE Renaissance -- no longer exists?

And it was killed by -- wait for it -- the republication of the AD&D 1e rulebooks?

Because people buying new printings of old rules is proof that there is no rebirth of interest in old rules, perhaps?

And also the OSR was killed by the next edition of D&D, which hasn't even been published yet, won't be available for at least a year and a half, is constantly mutating, and may wind up being a LARP of Chutes and Ladders in its final form, for all we know? But if it *does* wind up being very close to the original rules, that's further proof that there's no rebirth of interest in old school rules?

I heard a couple people saying this over the past week or so. Haven't seen the death squads making the rounds yet, but obviously anyone who continues to produce material for old school D&D now that the OSR is dead will have to be dealt with severely.


  1. To paraphrase - Rumors of OSR's demise have been vastly exaggerated.

  2. Really, where did this come from? Quite obviously someone who has no idea of what is going on. The OSR is stronger at this point than it has ever been.

  3. I hadn't seen the Flaming Tales blog post. I vaguely remember seeing some posts about the death of the OSR on some of the forums, but the main things I remember clearly were some posts from bloggers like Tim Brannan, who technically don't completely agree with the idea, but screw it: they have earned my displeasure by seeking to rationally respond to the accusations of OSR-death.

  4. A lot of people have moved from blogging to G+ing

  5. I saw a pack of goons in my neighborhood a few weeks ago shaking down folks who roll six-siders for initiative; been hiding out in my neighbor's crawlspace gaming with squirrels and the occasional raccoon ever since. Or at least that's my excuse for ignoring my blog lately.