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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Character Sheet

Several days ago, I posted some brief ideas on design, in response to Zak S's rant about sample character sheets. I felt a need to put my money, or at least my time and effort, where my mouth is. So, I've designed a sample character sheet for Liber Zero as it stands now. There are no page numbers yet, since there are no pages, strictly speaking. Also, some names and things may change; certainly, I'm strongly considering a two-page spread in any final product, because this design took a couple days, just because of the tightness of the space. Plus, I'll need to scan in a real, hand-written card when I have my scanner back.

However, you can see how I'm imagining the main-text + sidebar format, and also how the sidebar is a more bare-bones version of the main text, leaving out any examples or options. You can also see that I think of character sheets in very minimal terms; here, I'm using an index card, like I have in the distant past. Get another index card and put the title "Equipment" on it to show your gear; if you list a backpack or a sack, get another card and put the title "backpack" or "sack" on it, and list its contents. If you have to drop your backpack to escape a monster, you give that index card to the GM. If you're a spell-caster, you have an index card with the title "Book of 1st Level Spells" that list all the spells you know; you get another card when you start learning 2nd level spells, because it represents a physical book. Damage is noted on scratch paper, instead of erasing hit points during play.

No bullet lists in this sample. Maybe later!

(Oh, also, there's at least one error, but it's too late to correct it now. Can you spot it?)

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