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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Geomorph B12: Corridor of Steel

Now here's a weird little idea I had. Remember the Stone Fist? I kind of wanted to re-use it, but put something in it. A sword, maybe? But then I thought, "Why not shrink the fist, change the orientation so that it sticks out of a wall, and make it hold a blade?" And then I thought, "Why not have more than one fist clenching a blade?"

And so, the Corridor of Steel was born.

It's a little unconventional, and not just because of the blades. The little "island" of stone in the northeast gives something for thieves -- or monsters -- to skulk behind. The corridor is mostly on a diagonal, although it has alcoves for the fists. Perhaps there are only four fists; perhaps they come to life. Or maybe each position has a "column of fists," each holding a blade, so that getting through the corridor is much harder.

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