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Friday, March 25, 2011

Rejected Dungeon

I'm working on something for the One-Page Dungeon Contest, with only a few days to go. A couple days ago, I had the map pretty much done and was about half through the key when I realized the dungeon kinda sucked, at least structurally. It was a fairly flat, somewhat linear dungeon. So, I started from scratch: completely new idea, with more vertical elements (an underworld chasm with ledges and caverns cut into the chasm sides.) But that wasn't quite turning out the way I wanted, either. So I went back to my original idea and just redid the map, mixing up some of the rooms onto different sub-levels, with more pathways to reach some of the same locations. I'll need to move and reword the encounters I've already prepped, but it should work much better.

But I thought I'd share the original map, without explanation of the details. I did get to practice some new Inkscape skills, which are serving me well in the replacement map. Think of it as a teaser.


  1. I really want to participate this year, but I'm struggling to find a solid block of time. I have a cool idea and a rough idea of the map, but I'm still working out some of the details.

    Thanks for posting your teaser.

  2. @Carter: the new one is *much* better, believe me!

    @Risus: I thought I was pretty much finished with the new map, but I forgot to include the grid lines, so I'll have to make some changes. I hope I finish the stocking notes in time...