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Monday, April 25, 2011

Geomorph G8: Unknown Device

Like the G6 and G7 geomorphs, G8 has gears exposed on two levels. Unlike the previous gears, these gears can be interacted with: a turnstile-like device on the second level allows up to four people to manually turn a large gear on the level below. But what does it do? There's no indication; it might cause the long wall to the left of the gear to tilt down, or it might activate machinery in another part of the dungeon. The explorers may never know.

The gear room is on the lower level, with columns that support a platform above the large gear. This geomorph also includes two corridors on the left that pass through without allowing access to the gear room, one of which runs directly above the other. On the right, two corridors cross above a third.

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