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Monday, April 25, 2011

Geomorph A4: UFO Refueling Bay

OK, I cheated a bit on this entry for the A to Z Challenge, since it's not a UFO, it's a flying saucer. Specifically, one designed for a crew of 1 to 3. The entrance is open and stairs are extended; fuel tanks are connected with tubes to the saucer's underbelly. I thought about adding a catawalk to this one, too, but decided that the saucer itself provides a second level to the geomorph.

Place a couple of these next to each other to represent a large hanger bay.


  1. An encounter over and under a parked flying saucer is almost certain to be a memorable one.

  2. Now we just need some good UFO geomorphs for exploring what's inside one of those nefarious saucers...