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Monday, April 25, 2011

Random Squared

I'm improving the way the Ability (attribute) dice map looks, including many of the suggested interpretations right on the map, so that you don't need to print out the random diseases table, death and dismemberment table, twisted NPCs table, or any of the other tables linked to that dice map. But there's a more open-ended, high-improv approach using the Random Random Table, cross-referencing a random letter with another die roll to determine a type. The chest contains a metal that starts with a D, E, or W; the dominant creature in a dungeon is an avian that starts with an S.

But the Random Random Table is now incorporated into the Chambers dice map, arranged around the central hub, so you don't need to print out a separate copy of the table (although I still recommend memorizing it, the way Lewis Carroll did...) All you need is a cross-reference roll on the Chambers dice map. There's already a couple useful short tables you can roll on the dice map to squeeze more information out of the roll, such as the standard Reaction Roll table: roll the dice on the map for an NPC to determine the initials of the NPC's boss or enemy. Or use:
  • a simple lo/hi roll (d6: 1 = smaller or weaker, 2-5 = normal, 6 = bigger or stronger.)
  • the d6 hit location table, which links numbers to distance from ground (1 = feet, 2 = legs/hips, 3-4 = body, 5 = arms/shoulders, 6 = head.) This can be used to determine hybrid creatures: a roll of 6 that lands near BAC means head of a boar, bear, or ant. It can also be used for clothing (6 in BAC means headgear like a bowler or cap,) or with symbolic interpretations of the body parts.
  • a d4 roll linked to the four classical elements or four medieval estates (or use a d6 roll, as in the d6 grandfather of the d20 quickie tables, weighting Earth/Water over Fire/Air.)
  • other dice linked to other symbolic lists that you feel comfortable with.
I plan on including a couple short tables like this along the edges of the Chambers dice map, so that the whole thing is in one place for use in the game.

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  1. Nice. This is what I referred to in my post about how you take the use of the dice in addition of the numbers rolled! Kudos!