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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chamber/Door Examples

Here are two examples of using the chamber generator and the information on doors to create room and door descriptions. I left out any stocking or monster rolls, but included d12 rolls for doors and their follow-ups, because I wanted to focus on pure room descriptions. So that everyone can follow along, I'm using this notation to record the initial 3d6 rolls and d12 door rolls:
  • dice that land in the Doors and Exits region are recorded as a compass direction in lower case followed by the dice result;
  • dice that land in the Features region are recorded as the first letter of the keyword in the "pie slice", in all-caps, followed by the dice result;
  • dice that land in the center are recorded as for Features, but in parentheses.
Dice that land on borders have two letters recorded.

Room # 1: 3d6 = se2 wnw5 D1, 2d12 = L8 D5
An ordinary room with a polished wood floor and a stack of logs in the south-east corner. There's one obvious door in the north-west section of the west wall that has a dragon's head door knocker on it, but it is locked; it leads to a closet unused by the dungeon's inhabitants. Behind the log pile is an unlocked door kept in good condition because of its constant use.

Room #2: 3d6 = s1 wsw2 M2 , 2d12 = BH7 G6
Marble-walled room with a heavy black door in the south. It's slightly ajar and there is a droning sound reminiscent of machinery coming through it; closing the door cuts the sound. There's also a secret escape route in the south-west portion of the west wall; pressing on it activates a steam-powered opening mechanism, revealing a tunnel to a well-guarded defensive area.

Room #3: 3d6 = sw2 wsw3 (D6), 2d12 = GH2 R8
Room with a damp, slippery staircase in the center leading down. The south-west exit is a gate with human heads hanging from it; thick, twisty roots border it along both the south and west walls. The gate is easy to open, if a little squeaky, but there's a second stuck door hidden behind the roots in the south-west part of the west wall; if it can be opened, it by-passes the guard posts in the south tunnel, leading straight to a lair.

(Anyone who would like to use these rooms for their own homegrown campaigns is free to do so.)

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