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Monday, May 9, 2011

Geomorph G10: Crushing Trap

In Geomorph G9, the crushing walls were catty-corner to each other, and there was the hint of an escape plan by trying to quickly slip behind one of the moving slabs. In G10, it's a more conventional "crushing room trap": stairs lead up to a seemingly ordinary T-section of corridor, but a concealed pit trap can drop the unlucky into a room with snug-fitting crushing walls. To escape, find the secret door. The mechanisms of the moving walls are accessible via side tunnels.


  1. In both of these I'm wondering what the motive power is for crushing. I'd love it to be most of the inhabitants of the dungeon turning a great big capstan. That way you could just possibly get a drop on them by sending a couple of scouts into the corridor while the party muscle wait at the machinery room door.

    I'm guessing in this one the trapdoor into the corridor is heavy and slightly recessed into the floor, making it impossible to open from topside unless you've wedged it? I'm trying to think of ways this could be an interaction opportunity more than a killer trap.

  2. I'm not sure what you mean by the second paragraph. As for the rest: the more interpretations, the merrier! My interpretation for G9 is that a capstan is use to prime/set the trap, raising heavy weights to a certain height. A trigger causes the weights to drop, turning the screws and closing the walls rapidly. For G10, the walls can close slower, giving the people in the room time to find the secret door to the east.