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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reaction Map

One quick technique for improvising using the Chamber Generator is to use 2d6 reaction rolls in non-standard ways, much as I suggested using them for weather generation, but roll the dice on the dice map to get extra details. For example: the players decide to role-play shopping instead of just picking up standard items, because they're hoping to find something unusual. The marketplace will have mostly ordinary supplies, but you could have three unusual vendors for flavor. But what would they sell?

Roll 2d6 on the dice map. The total is a reaction roll telling you how the item "feels". Average reaction is common supplies, although not necessarily *ordinary*; Hostile reactions indicate items with unpleasant purposes, with Very Hostile indicating dangerous items; Friendly reactions indicate pleasant, useful, maybe even recreational items, with Very Friendly indicating items of great beauty or value. The lowest die's value is interpreted as a category, using either the d6 Feature table (from the Chamber Generator post,) the d6 Object table, or the d6 hit location chart to associate the item with a body part. Where the dice land indicates either the first two letters of a word or the abbreviation of a two-word name, using the dice values to arrange the letters in order.

So: a roll of F2 D6 (total 8) for a shop's contents means:
  • Average item (food, common tools or supplies)
  • "wall/barrier", "barrel/container", or "leg" (pants/travel) category
  • abbreviated as "FD" (or "OW" or a couple other combos)
That could mean a seller of feathered dungarees, an ostrich wrangler, a maker of quilt-walled tents, or a fence-weaver.

A roll of M4 G5 (total 9) for a shop's contents means:
  • Fancy/Recreational item
  • "furniture" or shirt/clothing
  • abbreviated as "MG", "MOu", "MN", "OiG", "PN", etc.
Which could be mink-lined, oil-skin, or paper gowns, or marble nightstands, or mahogany gliders.

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