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Thursday, July 21, 2011

5e Pre-Clone Teaser

A couple weeks ago, I joked in a comment on Joe the Lawyer's blog about pre-cloning D&D 5e. And after my post on target numbers, I was seriously considering posting some quickie rules that would be "the 5e pre-clone". But even though it could probably be done in one or two posts, it seemed like too much effort at a time when I have too much to do, so I skipped it.

But here's a teaser of what I almost did:

  • Per the mechanics in the target numbers post, anyone can try just about anything.
  • Fighters get their level as a bonus on combat, Magi get access to spells, and Rogues get a level bonus in one broad area (stealth for Thieves, influence for Bards, etc.)
  • As the comment on Thieves/Bards suggests, you can create "new" classes by changing the broad area of expertise for Rogues, or changing the spell list for Magi.
  • Clerics are literally half Fighter, half Mage, with limits on both abilities. You can use the Cleric as a template for other demi-classes.
  • Ability bonuses = ability/6 (round down) and only apply in special circumstances.
  • Skills are defined as "able to add an ability bonus to a situation type it normally doesn't apply to" (see Anatomy skill in target number post for an example.)
  • Feats are defined as making s non-class ability into a class ability, like giving a Fighter a stealth bonus in darkness (works like Thief but with a restriction.)
  • You trade levels for feats, on a 1 for 1 basis; when you earn enough XP to gain a level, you can pick up a feat instead. Your effective level, for experience purposes, equals class level + # of feats.
I doubt I'll really be developing the "5e pre-clone". But I did come up with a name for it!

"High Five Adventures"

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