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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dual-Wielding Shields

I look at the search terms used to find my site, not only to see if people are finding my stuff, but also to see what people are looking for/would like to see. But not every search term makes a lot of sense. For example:

"dual wielding shields dnd 4.0"

Now, I can't help with the "4.0" part. I could help with rules on dual-wielding shields, but who exactly is doing that? And why?

Anyways, they probably found my post on Shields and Dual-Wielding, which sadly is about two different topics. But the rules are serviceable for those insane souls who want to try it in an OD&D context. A fighter using a shield in either hand can get:
  • a 2-point improvement to armor class, but no attack; OR,
  • standard armor+shield defense and a shield bash; OR,
  • a shield bash with +1 to the attack, but no shield bonus that round.
Please don't ask me to write up a "shield master" class, though.


  1. It sure wouldn't work with real shields, they are heavy and get in the way. I saw some joker attempt this in fake fighting (LARP) and he couldn't see and was just one big target. Two shields do not equal twice the protection of one shield.

  2. Yeah, but you know how it is: somebody gets an idea in their head ("I could throw a sword as if it were a dagger!") and there's nothing you or reality can do to shake it loose.

    I bet that guy with the two shields still thinks it's possible.

  3. No joke - when I looked at my search terms used to find my blog a few weeks ago, somebody had searched for "black men for my wife for her birthday".

    I'm not even sure what that person was really searching for (and I'm not sure I want to know!), and more importantly, how exactly the Google algorithm led the person to my site!

    People are weird.

  4. Perhaps they meant duelling shields - http://www.myspace.com/video/the-marshal/duelling-shield/5591808?

    Shields shouldn't give you a shield bash, btw, they should just give you a + to attacking, since they can be used to jam and trap etc.

    Better yet, they should be assumed for all one-handed weapons that aren't daggers etc.