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Monday, July 4, 2011

Geomorph F11: Spiked Trench

I got busy this weekend and wasn't able to do much blog-related work, so I wasn't able to do more geomorphs for Pit Week. Instead, as today's Map Monday offering, I give you a follow-up to the spiked pits of last week: Geomorph F11 is a spiked trench or chasm. The entire trench/chasm has spikes along the bottom; it cuts off access between two sides of the geomorph. A couple narrow wooden bridges cross the chasm; the widest is perhaps 5 feet and shouldn't be a problem unless the adventurers are attacked while trying to cross or the bridge is damaged. The other two bridges are narrower, though, and could require a roll to avoid falling; they might also break under any extreme weight.

Edit: this was meant to be published Monday, obviously. Can't post again tomorrow, because I'll be off with relatives most of the day. Enjoy!

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