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Monday, October 3, 2011

NecromaToads Redux

Map Monday is back, although in a way, this one's a cheat: a redone map of the Forgotten Crypts of the NecroToads. For one, the toads are renamed to "NecromaToads", since there's someone with a username "necrotoad" and I'd rather avoid the naming conflict. Another change is the addition of some dungeon dressing: the crypts proper have sarcophagi and slabs, rocks have been added to some locations, and there are sentinels at the entrance to the NecromaToad lair section. I wanted to redo this because I've started on the next map, which connects to this one on the right-hand side; the collapsed tunnel connects to a sealed-off section of the original crypts, while the southernmost tunnel connects to the old necromatoad lair, now taken over by... something else.

I'll try to get a doc with an actual dungeon key started this week.

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  1. Interesting. Looks like a fun place. Toads are just cool...