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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Those Who Link Here

There was a really minor kerfluffle about by website in the comments on a post at Legends of the Flame Princess, so I thought I'd just post this list to perhaps settle something:

All-Time Top Five Traffic Referral Sources:

  1. LotFP -- 1,761
  2. Grognardia -- 1,574
  3. Jeff's Game Blog -- 1,084
  4. Google Reader -- 832
  5. The Dyson Logos geomorph mapping project -- 721

So, I have nothing bad to say about James Raggi. He's done plenty for my blog.


  1. Sorry for causing the kerfluffle. I really don't think I said anything wrong. And I didn't expect anybody but Raggi to pay any attention to anything I said, anyway. And I certainly didn't expect anybody else to care what I said, either.

    Also -- sorry to nitpick, but it's "Lamentations of the Flame Princess", not "Legends".

  2. Well that was an edifying set of exchanges. From here on out Tal, I'll try to make your voice in my head sound ~35% more arrogant when I read your posts. And I'll add in a bunch of snide comments that you must be writing and then deleting before you post it.

  3. @Ed: no prob. You expressed your opinion about Zak. Not normally a big deal, but I wanted to avoid any implication that I'm somehow in competition with Zak, or that Raggi is somehow slighting me. Oh, and I make the "Legends"/"Lamentations" error a lot; I'm so accustomed to thinking of "LotFP" instead of the full name that I forget what the "L" means.

    @Spawn: you laugh, but I really have edited a lot of sentences I decided were too snarky or mean. Even did so today, in comments on another blog...

  4. I hear you. I even deleted a compliment I had in the comment above because it seemed like it might be read as being sarcastic. Good old internet communication!

  5. @Talysman: I understand. Makes sense. Sorry for causing you trouble while trying to help you. And sorry for the trouble continuing, too. Zak & his worshippers apparently so can't stand anyone saying that Zak is anything less than perfect that they won't just let it go. And I'm not yet quite ready to just shut up and let them have their way, either.

    @Spawn: I'm also not yet quite ready to not say things just because I think they might be misunderstood. But I might be with you there on that soon. As much as I enjoy contributing whatever I can to online communities, I weary of having to deal with people misinterpreting things I say over, and over, and over...

  6. @Spawn of Endra

    Thanks for changing the subject back to the original post topic over there. I hope it sticks.