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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Heads Up!

Here's some administrivia: I just tried to follow a Blogger blog using the Friends Connect button. Unless I'm high or insane, I remember this allowing you to use your Blogger profile as well as other profiles (Google, of course, but also Facebook and Twitter.) This time, though, even though I was logged into Blogger, it did not allow the Blogger profile option. I even tested this on my own blog, in case the other blog was specifically configured to behave that way; same result on my own blog.

What this probably means: Google+ links to Blogger are being improved or expanded. Which is to be expected, since both are Google services; but soon, the link will be much more explicit.

I know some of you worry about stuff like that... plus, in general, anytime a provider updates their software, you should expect things to go wrong. So we may have some error messages to look forward to...


  1. Yeah, I posted about this last week.

    Google is killing Friend Connect to move people over to Google+. You can read about it on the official Google blog here.

  2. Yeah, Google has really pushed it just about as far as I'm willing to go these days and if the one thing that has kept me with Blogger (Followers) gets screwed up then I have no reason to stay with them. I'm really tired of the perpetually loading pages, invasion of privacy issues and now being forced into a social network and may just have to break down and look for some paid hosting since I have already purchased a domain and have been diversifying my online use (Mediafire and soon Dropbox rather than Google Docs, for instance). I have no use for G+ and hope it doesn't come down to switching but I'm already in clean up mode myself and this could be the tipping point.