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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fight On! #13 and Cantrip Errata

As I'm sure many have heard by now, Fight On! #13 is available on Lulu.

You can buy the print edition here: 


and the PDF edition here:


It's packed with several adventures and the usual supporting material, including some stuff for Tunnels & Trolls. It also includes another article I wrote, "Cantrips Gone Wild!", which as you can probably guess is a simple cantrip system usable with OD&D.

I let an error creep into the article. In the cantrip verbs table under the entry for Open/Close, it reads: "This affects an object up to human size or weight and can [...], but doesn’t cause changes on a surface as would Touch." I've looked at two different draft versions and couldn't find the missing phrase, but I believe it should be "... can produce one physical change that could be accomplished with a simple hand movement, but doesn't cause changes on a surface..." That would bring it in line with the text for the Touch verb, which Open/Close references. Sorry about the omission.

There's also a couple minor typos that don't affect readability, but I don't see any other major lapses of information.

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