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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms Live!

I haven't GMed in a while, only played, because of travel and schedule issues, but I got to GM for a small group today in what now seems to be the first of several sessions. And that means I got to use the actual Nine and Thirty Kingdoms "sketchbox" setting I've been talking about. The session went well, although the party came close to ticking off the locals a couple times. No enraged villagers with pitchforks yet, though!

The small party (elf, dwarf, cleric) spent a lot of time just trying to figure out how to get into one of the two dungeons I'd prepped for this area, but eventually they found the easier "backdoor". Centipedes were diced and smashed, skeletons were shattered, and the elf's Charm Person spell came at just the right moment to avoid what might have been a humiliating defeat at the hands of a tiny bat=winged humanoid made of stone. Technically, Charm Person probably shouldn't have worked, but I decided to give the spell a chance, and I ignored the fact that the elf was wearing plate, even though I'd said beforehand that spells require removing non-magical armor. Maybe I'll loosen that restriction to a one-third chance of successfully casting a spell while armored, modified by Dex.

The dwarf diligently checked and double checked for traps in every location except where two traps were actually present.

The cleric almost bit it when a centipede injected a mild poison, but wine saved the day!

Treasure haul was small, but we were all getting used to a new group and new setting, with two of the players being completely new to OD&D. Good times!


  1. Sounds like a good time was had! Lum invited me down, but I could not make it. Maybe next time, if it works out, and you don't mind newbies.

  2. No prob with newbies. One player in the group had never played tabletop played tabletop RPGs before, only computer games. Everything seemed to go well anyways.

    You can even show up late, although I discussed with the group the idea of only rolling Con, hp, prime requisite, and gold for late arrivals and rolling other stats as needed, for a kind of "create a character as you go" approach.