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Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Frog Gods

So, I got this survey thing from Frog God Games about their purchase of Necromancer Games, asking me which things I think they should focus on, whether I'd prefer to see compilations or reprints or revisions or what have you, etc.

Thing is, since I'm a fairly poor person, I don't make many purchases, so I actually know next to nothing about Necromancer Games. I think I've heard the name of maybe one of their products, at most. I barely know anything about Frog God Games, either; I got the survey email because I purchased S&W Complete, which represents the sum total of what I know about them.

I don't really feel like I could help them at all by filling out this survey.

Should I just ignore it, or fill it out randomly?


  1. I helped them out by reiterating as many times as possible within the context of the survey that I'm much more likely to buy things that they release as compatible with the Swords & Wizardry system (which seems to be their old school retro-clone of choice; I'm actually fine with anything that is relatively compatible with TSR D&D). I think this is useful feedback, as I actually have bought Matt Finch's Tome of Adventure Design, the upcoming S&W version of Rappan Athuk, and the S&W version of The Black Monastery. I would have been interested in none of those (other than maybe the Tome of Adventure Design because it is system-neutral) if they had been 3E-only.

  2. Just roll some dice...they know better than you anyways.

  3. Ignore it. Filling it out randomly doesn't do anyone any good.

  4. I started to fill it out, but then realized the exact things you did. I have S&W Complete (is TOAD by them, I have that as well) and know nothing else about them. I figured ignorant feedback is worse than no feedback, so I stopped.

  5. Whereas I didn't even get the survey!

    Maybe if I bought something from them once in a while...