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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sketchbox Dice Tool v. 2.0

Here's a PDF of the Sketchbox Dice Tool, version 2.0. I will probably make a few minor layout tweaks -- lining some things up, for example, and maybe changing the font size for the licensing info -- but I won't be changing the version number unless there are changes to the content. Which, of course, depends on how people respond to the tool as it stands. One concern is that I've tried to put a short form of the instructions directly on the sheet, so that once someone read a longer explanation of all the ways to use the tool, they could run a game with just this sheet for village and barony generation, never needing to refer to another document. Of course, the instructions might look a little cluttered, or might not make much sense the way they are currently worded, so this is something I'd like feedback on for a potential v.2.1.

I've included a compressed version of the improvised town table at the bottom, to use in conjunction with the main tool. There are changes to the way the town table works, since I've eliminated "Small Village" and "Small Town" as separate categories; instead, the label "small" will modify the listed results. Also, I've changed it so that the hirelings roll and the number of tradespeople per craft are both derived from the listed Crafts roll: subtract 1 from the result for the number of hirelings available that week, halve the result (round down) for the number of tradespeople.

As always, be on the lookout for weird things Google Docs does when you upload a PDF. I think it's changed the way the shading looks, but I can't spot any missing content.

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  1. Looks good, though the longer-form instructions would surely be needed in order to get oriented.