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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Links to Wisdom

Is the Links to Wisdom wiki down, temporarily swamped, or is it just me?

I noticed some people talking about it this morning and was going to go add links to my custom classes, which people were also apparently talking about. I pretty much never add my own stuff to the wiki because, despite my arrogance, I'm not arrogant enough to say "these posts of mine are what people want". I let other people decide. But enough people have asked about or linked to the various classes, I figured I'll at least add those to the wiki.

But: down. Or apparently so.


  1. Yeah, and where did Philotomy of the OD&D Musings go?

    1. I switched to the tablet now, so I can't check the server or DNS location. But maybe either or both is located in the disaster area?

  2. The Musings are in pdf format here:


  3. Links to Wisdom is working for me right now.

  4. Works fine for me too. Go from the link on my blog if you're having trouble.

  5. It's working today. Must have been a temporary problem.