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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Alternative Magic Sword

One of the other ideas I had for fixing magic weapons so that they aren't "buffs": instead of a bonus to the attack, a magic sword would treat all mundane armor as no armor. Against an unarmored opponent, a magic sword really isn't anything special, but it's devastating against that knight in shining armor who thinks he's safe from harm.

I'm not entirely sold on the idea, but it's very simple, and thus tempting. Maybe combined with grievous wounds?


  1. a good variation - might only be vs metal - grievous would seems like a curse - all good for mid lv characters

  2. Interesting, though it essentially makes magic swords power swords from Warhammer 40k. Of course, that could just make a campaign a whole new level of cool.

    Would you have different effects based on weapon type? As in magic swords are different to axes are different to mauls? And would you have any form of different strengths of effects or is that too close to sword plus 1 < plus 2 < plus 3?

  3. One could combine this with relative ranks in armor so that a sword of rank 1 ignores normal armor but would have to hit against armor as normal for armor of rank 1 (rank here is obviously a stand-in for +1, +2, etc).

    1. And, now I see you already suggested that in the earlier post.