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Monday, February 18, 2013

Canonical Minimal Dice Set

So, what's the canonical minimal dice set for people who play D&D? What dice could we expect pretty much any D&D player to have, or easily and quickly acquire even in remote areas lacking a game store?

Here's my thoughts:

  • d4, d8, d12, and d20, probably two each, possibly even different colors. 
  • Either two d10 of different colors or one normal and one labeled in multiples of ten.
  • Multiple d6s of at least two colors or two sizes.

I figure the d6s fall into the "easy to acquire quickly" category, since I've even seen standard dice in gas station quickiemarts.

Any contrary opinions?


  1. I'd add that one of the sets of d6s would ideally have pips because of the extra scope for interpretation, probably the first set.

    1. Oh, definitely. I can't do without pips. But that's the easiest variety of d6 to get.