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Friday, May 17, 2013

Layout Series Poll

To those following my Layout Tutorial series: I've just posted about about wrapping text around an image for web and EPUB output. I could do a quick installment about doing the same for PDF format, or I could do one to three installments focusing on EPUB, so that I can come back and do the same for PDF/print.

I'm going back and forth on this. Logically, since the layout and design procedures are different at this point, I should just focus on one, then switch to the other. But I figure there might be a couple people waiting desperately for the instructions on how to wrap text around images in PDF. 

So I'm polling the readership. What's your preference?


  1. I'd recommend you focus on EPUB first, then circle back and do PDF rather than jumping back and forth.

    I've found the organizational stuff useful, and you've turned me onto Markdown, but in the end I can't say how helpful this will all be, as interesting as it has been to read. It seems like Blogspot has issues with Markdown, so it's not immediately useful there (needing the pandoc conversion to HTML first) and I have Adobe inDesign for layout, so the LaTeX stuff probably won't be too useful either. Honestly, a lot of your pandoc mumbo-jumbo :) seems way over my head when I've got other tools already. Still, it's been a very interesting series to follow and I'll continue to do so.

    I guess that doesn't really sound like a positive review of your efforts so far, but it really is, trust me!

  2. I am more interested in PDF, but I can wait.

    1. Does it help if I mention that I'll be covering management of large projects in the EPUB installments, which will be relevant to PDF as well?


  3. Complete EPUB, and then through to PDF would be my vote, just because that's been your flow so far.

    Thanks very much for all this by the way! It'll be a while before I get to the end-game with PDFs and the like but just what you've done so far is going to be enough to get me over my crippling laziness and finally stop putting screenshots of Google Docs spreadsheets on my blog as my table-go-to.

    (and I won't have to redo anything if I do PDF-ize anything!)

    1. I kind of stalled on this, because I wrote up the next installment and had it ready to go on schedule... and it didn't work. Doing it from the Pandoc command line worked, but it was the TED Notepad to Pandoc part that was failing, and the way to fix it was to write a batch file. Which I haven't tested yet, and I will need to rewrite the whole article to be about writing the batch file, so I've kind of put it off.

      Sorry. It is on the back of my mind as something I have to get started on again, but I'm not sure when I'll do it. This actually hasn't been a popular series of posts.