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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rules for Rulings

I wrote up these basic rules on how I make rulings for a forum discussion. Might as well post them here as well, so they don't get lost.
  1. I rarely apply bonuses or penalties more than +/-2, and most modifiers don't stack;
  2. Occasionally, ability scores may provide a minor modifier or act as a threshold for other effects (roll to hit person with stew, victim distracted if Wisdom and Dex are both below 13;)
  3. If something shouldn't work automatically, but I have no rule for it, PCs can do it on 5+ on 1d6;
  4. If something can go wrong, it does on 5+ on 1d6;
  5. If I don't know if something applies (does salt harm black puddings?) then it works on 5+ on 1d6.
The stew reference has to do with a theoretical example from the thread: PC is in a barfight and throws a bowl of stew at an opponent. What should happen?

 - Should the GM ignore it as an incidental event?
 - Should the GM say "you can't do that, because you don't have the Food Fight feat"?
 - Should the GM look up rules for splash attacks or distractions?
 - Should the GM just use a standard attack and rules that the attack distracts instead of damages?


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