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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fixed Tables

For those who read my blog via RSS, you may want to check out Part 4 of the Layout/Design tutorial again. There was a problem and I had to edit it.

The explanation: This part dealt a little bit with embedding CSS style information in a document that is otherwise in Markdown format. I marked the necessary code as "verbatim", and converted the document to a web page. This worked fine.

However, Blogger does not allow you to upload your blog posts (that I know of...) You have to type or paste stuff into the edit box. So, what I've been doing is starting a new post in Blogger in one tab, opening the web page version of my document in a second tab, and then copying the document and pasting it into Blogger.

This introduces occasional problems. Like, for example, it removes blank lines between paragraphs, so I have to add those again. It adds a blank line at the start of the document, which I have to remove. Sometimes, it removes a space between two words, if one of the words is in italics, boldface, or verbatim.

And, in this case, it turned some verbatim samples of code into actual HTML. This caused a couple references to disappear completely and also made the style sheet disappear, applying the styles to the tables in my document.



  1. Technically, if you put the post in the proper .xml format, you can upload it in your control panel. It's in the same place where you can download an archive copy of the blog.

    What you can do is to download an archive copy to be able to view the format, wipe out the posts that are there, put your post in the now-empty .xml file, and then upload it.

    It's a pain, but it can be done.

    1. That's an interesting idea. Thanks!

      I'll look at it to see if I can figure out what the actual header/footer info should be. If I can pin down what I have to include and what can be left out, I may be able to just create a template for it and let Pandoc assemble an uploadable Atom XML file for me, which will simplify things a great deal.