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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sack Dangers

So, I wanted to follow-up the sack system post with some of the ideas from Pearce Shea's post. I figure large sacks and backpacks shouldn't provide automatic and total protection. Total immersion or being hit by a fireball can damage stuff. Not every hardship affects every item, though. Scrolls are probably the most vulnerable. I talked about scrolls in a previous post, and that's a good guideline for handling general mayhem: 5+ on 1d6 when exposed to fire means sack/pack catches fire, items in it are destroyed after 5 minutes. Similarly, if dunked, 5+ on 1d6 means the water has seeped into a pack or waterproof sack. Items can become moldy, spoiled, or rusty if not dried out.

For small sacks, I would add a 5+ test on d6 to see if they are torn by rough treatment, spilling their contents.

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