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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Turn Undead as Morale Roll

Delta's got a post about turning undead, and there's a recent forum thread or two about turning undead, so I figured I'd revisit the topic. I've previously interpreted it as more of a command ("Depart, foul spirit!") backed by tremendous faith than as a power; but in addition, I've been thinking of it more, lately, as a morale roll. It's the presence of a person of great faith, combined with that command, that shakes the resolve of even the mindless undead, causing them to flee the cleric's presence. It's just like a famous hero telling a bunch of goblins "Flee before my might!". If the goblins know the hero by reputation and it scares them, they flee.

In light of this, here is how I resolve the trouble spots Delta mentions:
What does the cleric actually do?
Anything that makes it clear that the cleric is a cleric.
What does the cleric need to produce the effect?
Nothing in particular. Got a holy symbol? You can present it. Got holy water? You can sprinkle it. Don't feel like doing either? Then don't. All that matters is if the cleric does something obviously cleric-like.
How long does the effect last?
Up to a full day, or until something happens that restores the morale of the undead, like being joined by reinforcements or a command from a leader.
How often can the cleric do this?
Once per incident. If it doesn't work the first time, the undead aren't going to suddenly get scared just because the cleric tried again.
Can it be maintained?
No. What are you going to do? Keep announcing "I'm still a cleric"?
What if the undead can't flee?
Then they can't flee. They cringe, and they stay away from the cleric if the cleric stays away from them.
What if the cleric moves towards the fleeing undead?
It doesn't make them flee more, if that's what you mean. It's exactly like chasing any other fleeing enemy.
What if the cleric is close enough to touch the undead?
The undead are avoiding the cleric where possible. They will not choose to attack the cleric if they can leave or cower in the corner. However, there's nothing preventing them from attacking the cleric, if the cleric attacks them. Again, it's just like cornering frightened goblins.

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  1. Despite how cool I find Turn Undead as a power, for practical reasons I came pretty much to the same conclusion.