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Friday, June 14, 2013

Variant Angry Spirits

The Angry Spirit write-up assumed that all angry spirits are the same except for their primary purpose (nature spirits protect a natural locale, ancestral spirits protect the honor of the family name, vengeful spirits thirst for retribution.) They all attack in the same way, however, using a standard psychic attack.

Variant angry spirits can make standard psychic attack but have an alternative attack form. If desired, roll d4+d8, 2d6, or 1d12 on the following table. (1d12 is not really recommended, because variant #1 is meant to be very rare, perhaps summoned, not typically encountered randomly.) Special attacks that resemble polyp attacks last until a 5+ on 1d6 is rolled (check at end of combat and once an hour.)
  1. Withering Attack (Wasting Spirit)
    Victim loses use of one limb on 5+. Only clerics or leeches can restore lost limbs. If all other limbs have been withered, the spirit targets the head, causing brain-death, which can't be restored except with Raise Dead or a wish.
  2. Possession Attack
    Coma victim is automatically possessed by spirit; exorcism returns victim to normal.
  3. Id Attack vs. Medium Armor (AC 5)
    Unleashes subconscious (invisible, ethereal humanoid attacks victim, all damage to Id also counts against victim)
  4. Panic Attack
    Victim either flees at double speed or is paralyzed 1d6 rounds (players get to choose, hirelings flee if morale fails.)
  5. Age Attack
    Successful psychic attack also ages (1 year per point of damage.)
  6. Ego Attack vs. Medium Armor (AC 5)
    Saps the will and vitality (Move 3, -1 to physical actions)
  7. Standard Psychic Attack, ignores mundane armor
  8. Superego Attack vs. Medium Armor (AC 5)
    Saps judgment, causes confusion (-1 mental actions, missed attacks hit random nearby target)
  9. Delusion Attack vs. Heavy Armor (AC 3)
    Creates Hallucinatory Terrain for victim (1d6 roll each turn, 5+ means "lost" and moves in random direction; increased chances of falling into pits or stepping on traps)
  10. Arcane Attack vs. Medium Armor (AC 5)
    Suppresses magic (loses all prepped spells, scrolls fail on 5+)
  11. Spell Attack
    Has one random reversed cleric spell of level 1-2 that it can cast at will. Cause Wounds does physical damage in addition to psychic damage.
  12. Holy Vengeful Spirit
    Casts any cleric spell, standard or reversed, level 1-2, as needed.

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