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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pet Peeve I

As a follow-up to the first of the top ten troll questions, I wanted to say it really irks me when people claim that OD&D had race-as-class. It doesn't. Just because dwarves can only be fighters, as mentioned in that post, doesn't mean that this is a "dwarf class".

People get so hung up on wanting to play a dwarf paladin/assassin that they interpret any restrictions on race/class combos as a personal affront.


  1. when people claim that OD&D had race-as-class

    I think those people do believe that Besic D&D is the original D&D

  2. If there's only a single class option, how does it functionally differ, though?

    1. Is it distinct as a class? The OD&D dwarf fighter uses the same XP and hit dice as any other fighter, and has the same abilities, plus something extra. It's like Gary and Dave are saying "Dwarves only get one class for now. Doesn't mean you can't add more."