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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Troll Questions: Race As Class?

Everyone's doing the top ten troll questions. They really do seem to be ten of the most frequent topics, although there are certainly some missing (Level drain, yes or no? Save or die, yes or no? Are hit points limited to physical damage? I'd probably replace "Do demi-humans have souls?" with one of those...) Instead of answering all the questions in one post, I'm going to split them up, because hey, more post topics.

(1). Race (Elf, Dwarf, Halfling) as a class? Yes or no?

Don't care, when I'm playing. No, when I'm GMing. It's not the lack of variety for elves, dwarves and halflings that I care about; it's the proliferation of more classes -- an Elf class, a Dwarf class, a Halfling class, and so on. Why create a unique class for something that's really just a minor variation on an existing class?

To me, a Dwarf is a Fighter with modifications. A bundle of special detection abilities. In the interest of not wasting space, it's better to actually list the Dwarf this way, as basically a footnote.


  1. That is actually an interesting take on the racial classes and I like it!

  2. True, but the Basic D&D Elf is probably the easiest and -in my opinion - the best way to handle the fighter-MU dual classing...

  3. I really agree. I feel like the best way to handle race is like this, with the races themselves dealt with a la your earlier post on races as rule exceptions.