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Monday, August 26, 2013

Rain of Death

There's a forum discussion about melee attack rolls representing multiple attacks vs. missile attack rolls representing single shots. Again. I thought about this before and decided to just roll for how many arrows were used. But since people always bring up the stunt archers able to fire arrows every couple seconds, I thought: why not give Fighters (and only Fighters) an option to fire at the maximum length, without waiting for the best shot?

  1. Pick a direction to aim;
  2. Deduct 20 arrows per attack.

Treat like a lightning bolt that doesn't rebound. Everything in that direction, friend or foe, takes damage equal to 1d6 + target's AC. If they make a save, they take half damage. If the damage seems low for that many arrows, remember: you're essentially creating a "zone of death" without the need to make an attack roll.

This is not a feat. It's just a quick ruling on how to implement something any fighter might try.

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