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Monday, August 26, 2013

Things Missing

Brendan, formerly of the Untimately blog and now of the Necropraxis blog, posted something on G+ that amounts to a challenge:
Things that you think should be in pretty much every ruleset, but that are in almost none of them.
  1. Tables for randomly determining starting equipment (equipment packs don't count because they are boring, same-y, and don't encourage "how can I make this ball of twine and wax useful" creativity).
  2. Pregens for all classes/character types/whatever.
  3. Worksheets for common tasks (see the Barrowmaze 2 random barrow generator as an example).
Now, I normally write for stripped-down OD&D, so I'm not sure that pregens are all that important for my future plans, although they are easy enough to do. And I don't have Barrowmaze 1/2 so I don't know exactly what he means, although I've seen some things I think qualify. But I did some random equipment tables a while back, and I'm considering doing some more in the future.

Maybe... near future?

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