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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Upcoming Reviews (Maybe)

So, I made my annual RPG purchases. I don't have as much free cash as many gamers seem to have, so I actually buy very little RPG materials. I spend about thirty bucks or so per year. And about a week ago, I bought a couple things, including:

  1. The Dungeon Alphabet by Michael Curtis
  2. The Mythic GM Emulator by Tom Pigeon
  3. Ruins of the Undercity by Patrice 'Kabuki Kaiser' Crespy

The last two I bought because I've been working on a solo/random dungeon project for a while and wanted to make sure I was doing something unique. I'd heard about these products for a while and thought I'd check 'em out. And I wanted something else D&D-related, so I eventual went with The Dungeon Alphabet, another product I've heard about for a while.

I may be doing some small reviews of these three later. And maybe even reviews of the Memento Mori products I also bought.

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