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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Alignment Languages

Nope, not a post about alignment languages as usually conceived by haters of alignment language. Your typical alignment language hater thinks of alignment as (maybe) OK, but alignment languages are a horrible, nonsensical addition, tacked on to ruin an otherwise reasonable system.

But what if you start with alignment languages, instead of alignment behaviors?

What if characters and creatures learn the jargon first, then become allies of others who use the same jargon, and later expand your theoretical allegiance to beings you've never even met, but you know they bandy about the same buzzwords?


  1. That's pretty realistic. It seems to be how things work on Earth today.

    Interestingly, how many people would have read the post if it didn't have a D&D-related buzzword in the title? Reading on, even 'hater' sends a powerful signal to those who did click - a divisive binary signal that suggests sides to line up on.

    I'm guessing that's a deliberate nod to the subject of the post. After all, we're too smart to be divided.

  2. It makes significantly more sense that way (i.e. a non-zero amount of sense), but in what sense are they "alignment languages" at that point, and not simply "languages" known only by secret societies?