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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dyson-Style Map

On his blog, Dyson Logos has been posting tutorials on drawing maps the Dyson Logos way.  On G+, Dyson added: "Everyone should draw maps. EVERYONE!" And since I have been wanting to test using my tablet as a scanner, I thought, "Why not?"

So I did.

It didn't really scan as well as I had hoped. For one, trying to get even lighting was a bear... and the shadow of the tablet tended to get in the way. For another, there seems to be some distortion, since it's almost impossible to get the camera lined up right.

And the dungeon itself isn't all that special.

I wish I could get my flatbed scanner out of storage. Until then, I'll probably be doing all my dungeon maps in Inkscape.


  1. I think you managed to get the crosshatching down pretty well!

    1. Thanks! Although I figured that would not be all that difficult. Just tedious. I've avoided it in my old maps because I am looking for a style distinct from Dyson's.