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Friday, September 20, 2013

Evil Temples

I used to have the all-in-one version of the Temple of Elemental Evil modules (T1-T4). Might still have it in storage; I don't remember if I gave it away or not. I read through it, but I never used it in play.

However, the other day Wizards of the Coast started giving it away for free on DnDClassics.com, so I went ahead and snagged a copy. It's still free, until the 28th of this month.


  1. I bought mine off Mike Monaco. I've not used any of it apart from the Moat House but I've got plans. Oh yes, I've got plans!

  2. D'oh - for Monaco, read Badolato. These new meds are not working out. :)

  3. I bought a copy at GenCon the year it was published, read it with the intent of DMing it, and never DMed it. I never felt I had enough players for it. Yes, I was foolish. I still have it, though, somewhere...