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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Update II

No real content today, because I'll be setting up the new computer. Had a setback because my old flat screen was flickering and wouldn't turn on. So now I have one of those 16:9 HD thingies and a modern computer. Very scary!

I'm saving the install of my "work" apps -- Pandoc, MiKTeX, Inkscape, GIMP, OpenOffice -- for later, after I actually connect the thing to the Internet. Also Scribus, which I haven't used before, because normally I work with InDesign, but I don't know where those install discs are. Only work app I'm installing immediately is TED Notepad, plus a couple tools like 7-Zip. The reason why I'm avoiding too much offline installing is because the old computer is WinXP, and I'm running into problems with stupid websites that autodetect my operating system.

I'm still debating whether I will try out Hexographer and ... Dungeonographer? What ever it's called. I'm too used to Inkscape.

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