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Friday, September 27, 2013

Quick Faves

There has been a month-long challenge many of the RPG bloggers I read have been participating in. It's about favorites, basically. A lot of the questions were kind of weird or oddly specific, though, which is why I didn't participate. But hey, why not do a quick list of favorites? Not those as,e questions, just stuff off the top of my head.

Favorite class? Magic-User.
Least Favorite? Of those in the LBBs and the supplements, probably the monk, but maybe the assassin. If you go outside those books, there's just way too much crap to pick from.

Favorite Race? Elf, because: part M-U.
Least Favorite? Halfling.

Favorite Monster? Undead, if I'm allowed to be broad. If I must be specific, Dero.
Least Favorite? Tirapheg, maybe? Again, there are so many crappy ones...

Favorite Spell? Polymorph Other.
Least? Buff spells

Favorite Magic Item? Scrolls (broad) or Wand of Wonder (specific).
Least? Ring of Free Action.

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