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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Embedded Weapon Artifacts

Another table intended for random artifacts or items found embedded in the rock, such as on this Dyson Logos map. The principal is much the same as the previous post: items in the middle of the table are more ordinary, with more dangerous items in the low range and more beneficial items in the high range. If a member of the party is cursed, subtract a penalty from the roll, allowing the dread Item #1 to possibly show up.

d4+d8 Embedded Weapon
1 unholy artifact of angry evil spirit
2 magical +2 weapon haunted by former owner
3 1d6 weapons, one cursed and magical
4 1d6 weapons, half rusted, one cursed
5 cursed non-magic weapon
6 rusty weapon, breaks on 5+ damage roll
7 ordinary weapon
8 1d6 ordinary weapons, half are rusted
9 1d6 ordinary weapons, 1 = missing heirloom
10 +1 magic weapon
11 silver weapon worth d4 x 20 gold coins
12 +2 holy weapon of nearby church/temple

I intended this table and the previous one to use d4+d8 for the 2-12 range, but you could use the standard 2d6. However, on this roll, either the d4 or the lowest of the two d6s indicates the type of weapon found. Use this simple table:
  1. Dagger
  2. Short Sword
  3. Mace
  4. Sword
  5. Two-Hand Sword
  6. Spear
Thus, the lowest results are more likely to be daggers, the highest results are more likely to be swords (or possibly spears.)

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