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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Liber Zero Spell Build Table: Magician

So, after the post about spell durations, I was planning on doing a follow-up on spell ranges. But then I thought: "It's probably easier to display this information as a table, which I have to do eventually, anyways."

So I made a table.

M-U Spell Types and Details
1generic change/sense10 feet2d6 turns30 feet
2control20 feet2d6 turns30 feet
3dispel30 feet4d6 turns30 feet
4create40 feet4d6 turns60 feet
5soul50 feet6d6 turns60 feet
6death/major change60 feet6d6 turns60 feet
ExcludeCure spellsn/an/an/a
Combat Spells are Line of Sight, minimum 120 feet/2 spell levels. Also applies to distance/speed limits for movement spells.
Spell-Caster Level adds 10 feet/level to range of "pre-combat" spells and 1 turn/level to physical effect durations.
There's probably a few notes I need to add. Certainly, I need to explain the six types, and I have to dig up the info on creature levels. But basically, with this, you can improvise stats for any spell, based solely on the one-line concept.

The spell creates a wall of thorns? "Create" is a 4th level effect, the wall will be 60 feet wide; right now, the duration would be 4d6 turns. If it made existing thorns grow into a wall, it's a change of state spell, which is essentially permanent until something else changes the state again.

The spell swaps the soul of the target with the soul of the caster? 5th level, 50 foot range, lasts as long as the caster concentrates or 6d6 turns.

Because of the simplification of the spell patterns, many spells will change, but there will be some notable dead-on copies of spells from the original game, because that's how I derived the simplified rules.

Still need to do the cleric version, and maybe the druid and illusionist versions as examples of custom spell lists.


  1. Under this scheme how would you classify a strength or weakness spell? How about invisibility?

    1. There's always the possibility that I stripped too many keywords out of earlier versions of the list, which may or may not be fixable with the extra rules I mentioned. So, while any spell should be doable, some may diverge wildly from their M&M levels/stats. But here goes nothing...

      Weakness might be doable as a control spell (Level 2).

      I've got a thing against buffs, so maybe I wouldn't allow strength at all except as a transformation (polymorph) or Level 4.

      Invisibility might have to be defined. How are you making something invisible? Control Light? Dispel Light?