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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Embedded Treasure Finds

More fun with random tables of embedded artifacts, in the same vein as the embedded relics, embedded weapon artifacts, and embedded vials and bottles. On this dungeon map, there’s also a pic of a small purse or bag of coins. This, to me, screams “forgotten treasure cache”. We could just use the standard treasure cache table, but the whole feel I get from this idea is “stuff that is not really part of the dungeon, but that would spice up random exploration and oon rare occasions be beneficial”. I want a “treasure” table that’s weighted in favor of enigmatic finds instead of ordinary monetary reward.

d4+d8 Embedded Lost Cache
1 Pandora’s Box contains 1d6 spectres
2 gold, gems, cursed ring, property of foe
3 gold and gems + contact poison (d6 hours)
4 cursed gold and gems
5 silver, worthless glass + taint rots sacks
6 worthless counterfeit coins, glass gems
7 copper coins, 1 gp gems, 10 gp jewelry
8 silver coins, 5 gp gems, 50 gp jewelry
9 rare silver (x5), 20/200 gp gems/jewelry
10 gold coins, 50/500 gp gems/jewelry
11 rare gold (x5), 200/2000 gp gems/jewelry
12 as above, plus magic ring

Again, roll either d4+d8 or 2d6, whichever you prefer. The d4 or the lowest of the two d6s rolled indicates the container type and what the “treasure” looks like:
  1. tiny puzzlebox, contains 1d6 gems
  2. rotted leather pouch, 3d6 coins and 1d6 gems
  3. jewelry box, 2d6 gems and d6/2 jewelry
  4. metal urn, 2d6 x 10 coins and 1d6 jewelry
  5. chest, 3d6 gems, 3d6 x 10 coins, 1d6 jewelry
  6. metal statue
The first table defines the metal that coins and statues are made of, and the value of gems, individually or in jewelry; Counterfeit coins are lead or tin covered with a thin coating of silver or gold. the second table tells us how much there is, based on container size. If a statue is indicated,”rare” means the artwork or significance of the item multiplies the value by 5; optionally, a “magic ring” result for a statue can be turned into a power of the statue itself.

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  1. I forgot all about your embedded treasure table. Now I have to gather them all up and think about how would I use them.