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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Weapon Damage Tables: Blunt Weapons

A few days ago, I started thinking about weapon damage tables for different weapon types. You roll attacks and damage as normal, but look up the damage on a table for a possible special effect. The previous weapon table was for edged or pointed weapons; I probably should have started with blunt one-hand melee weapons, which is what I’ll cover in this post.

Damage Damage Effect
1 Drop weapon unless using a strap. Otherwise, normal effect
2-4 Normal effect
5-6 Knock prone or stun one round from power of the blow.
7+ Broken bones, Move 3 and -1 to actions until healed.

Not as exciting as edged weapons, maybe, but the broken bones results would work much like crippling wounds, just without the external bleeding (yes, I realize there would be internal bleeding, but that’s not very exciting in an abstract fantasy adventure game.) A cracked skull would also cause confusion and loss of spells, while broken arms or legs would be unusable unless cared for by a leech.

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