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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Weapon Damage Tables: Massive Melee Weapons

Another addition to the weapon damage tables. You may have noticed that I restricted the previous two tables to one-handed melee weapons. Initially, that was just because I instinctively figured it would be interesting to differentiate the effects for two-handed weapons. But now, I’ve also decided that two-handed weapons should partially merge the effects of the other two tables. A two-handed sword has an edge, but it’s also just a massive weapon, excellent for making heroic, sweeping blows. So, here’s the two-handed melee weapons table, excluding pole arms. This is also usable by giants wielding one-handed weapons.

Damage Damage Effect
1 Normal effect + Low Strength attackers may lose footing.
2-4 Normal effect
5-6 Knock prone/stun, plus severe cut from edged weapons.
7+ Crippled/Broken bones, Move 3 and -1 to actions until healed.

Follow the bleeding and crippled/broken bones rules from the previous posts. My two-handed weapons have +1 to hit, but do the standard 1d6 damage.

The “Low Strength” result is based on the idea that weak characters wielding two-handed mauls or great swords may, part of the time, wind up knocking themselves over trying to swing such a huge weapon. If that result popped up at my table, anyone with Strength 3 to 8 would have to roll 1d6; on a 5+, they fall down. I might increase the odds for low Dex, but high Dex would not eliminate the roll; at best, it makes falling likely only on a 6.

Giants using large weapons one-handed, of course, will not lose their footing.


  1. These are pretty cool. I might give them a whirl in a few weeks when I start up an ACKS game.

    1. I think they'll work fine regardless of the method of rolling damage. The ACKS ranges look fairly restrained, usually using a single die. I'm not sure how it would work with other systems that really beef up the damage.

      I'll have pretty much all the tables you will need done by Sunday. Let me know the results, if you use 'em!

  2. Just for the record, that "huge weapon" would not weigh more than 5-6 pounds. A longsword (the most typical two-handed sword) weighed less than 4 pounds.

    A poleaxe (what you call a two-handed maul) weighed about 5-6 pounds.

    So there's not really any chance of its momentum knocking down its user. In combat, you're not going to be winging the thing about like a wild thing; rather, you're making tightly controlled motions.

    The English Master George Silver speaks of the "twofold mind" one must take in combat - as you move in to attack, you must be thinking of your defense.

    Just some thoughts.

    1. Yeah, but you know players are going to want to make "sweeping blows", because there have been rules for that floating around at least since TFT's Advanced Melee.

      If you don't like that, just use the one-hand melee weapons charts, or only use this chart for giants or the ridiculously strong.

    2. I would like to note two things:
      1. When I think of a massive melee weapon, without going into anime-land, I don't envision a longsword, I envision something like a zweihander or daneaxe.
      2. even in the case of the longsword the Doebringer Hausbuch recommends using larger sweeping cuts when accosted by several unarmored or lightly armored foes.