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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blog Update: Links and LMGM

Part of the planned blog renovation is cleaning up the sub-pages for the blog. The Links tab, especially, has been a disordered mess for quite a while. Not really the least bit usable, and mostly talking only about what’s on my own blog. It would be nice to link to actual resources.

That page is now substantially cleaner.

The LMGM tab was a little messy, so I cleaned up the clutter. Most of the info was out of date, anyways. I will update the page with more links as I complete Last-Minute GM resources.

The Maps tab also needs updating, especially since I had some One-Page Dungeons that haven’t been added to the page. However, I’ve been examining the links and Google has damaged the documents, messing up the original format and removing the maps themselves. I have to fix those before I can link them.

I also have to add at least three other pages. More on that when I’ve actually set them up.

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