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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to Defeat Black Puddings

Your first step when encountering any pudding or ooze should be run away. You need to be prepared beforehand and need to fight it on terms of your own choosing, not just wherever you chance to meet it. Drop some rations to distract it and run.

Puddings and oozes can be harmed by one of four attacks: fire, cold, lightning, or acid. Each variety is usually immune to one or two and takes half damage from one, maybe two. So, make sure you have all four if you want to deliberately tackle a pudding… no telling what this variety will be like.

Levitation might be a good thing to have, too.

And if the pudding retains its caustic nature even after being slain, consider learning how to throw one.

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  1. Loving this series so far, and that song was great! Kinda reminds me of Oasis, and there was some Beatles influence in there, if I'm not mistaken (can't go wrong taking inspiration from the greatest band in history)

  2. I just use a spoon. Got a cast iron stomach.