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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Recent Links of Interest: Dwellings

I was slow to move on this, but thought I ought to point to some recent interesting/useful posts on JD Jarvis’s blog about the typical basic shelter and shelter types, for those wondering about some of the more obscure names for dwellings or what some old building techniques (like wattle and daub) would actually be. This might also serve as a take-off point for imagining cultural differences: how do the dwellings in a new region differ from the basic dwelling pattern? Different construction materials? Built on stilts? Hole in the ground covered by tarp? Environmental effects will play a role, obviously: hot, dry climates might prefer the hole in the ground, while areas prone to flood might prefer the house on stilts. But also, if the extended families are larger, you might see long dwellings that keep getting longer as the family grows.

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