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Monday, March 9, 2015

Adventure Plans

So, I'm getting close to finishing "Our Infernal Neighbors", the PDF with an alternate zero-planar cosmology and simplified demons, devils, and other fiends. I'd intended to finish it last Thursday, but ran into a problem with one of the Saturnian powers. So now I'm working on that and some infernal beasts, and then have to do layout. I'm also beginning work on the "Ranks of the Undead" (four types of undead that start weak and grow stronger... perfect for players who deliberately get their characters bitten by vampires thinking they will be instantly powerful.)

But while sifting through old monster descriptions, I was also thinking about what I want to do for adventure modules. I want modules with three main elements:

- interesting monsters that don't get used enough, or that I have a unique approach for,
- special feature/trick areas that act as hub areas, defining a themed region,
- gargantuan menaces that will be difficult to deal with or will make a major change to a campaign.

All in sublevels of about 50 rooms. And I think I want to design these to be dropped into existing dungeons. But I'll think about that part.

But I did notice at least a couple monsters I made up that might work well in themed adventures, but probably on a smaller scale, because I can't think of enough other material themed to fit with them in a 50-room sublevel. In particular, I can't think of a gargantuan menace that would fit with creatures like the flat vampire. So it might make more sense to do these in smaller adventures, and perhaps those should be my focus for the free adventure modules. I will probably need to do before trying to sell something bigger.

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