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Monday, March 16, 2015

Things to Come: Undead and Godlings

Working on the next PDF (Ranks of the Undead, unless I come up with a better name.) And thinking  ahead to the one after that, which will possibly be about godlings and wishes. I posted a bit about how I interpret wishes and some alternative ideas about the way they work, and about how the wish-granting creatures like djinn, efreet, and others can be grouped together as what I first called "magic giants", but later referred to as godlings. In my way of thinking, djinn and efreet are not elementals, but beings with power over air and fire, respectively. They are naturally astral beings, somewhat like some of the infernals or the Fae, but living in remote areas instead of inside the earth. Other such beings I plan on describing are jotuns, volcano gods, sea gods, river gods, storm gods, sylvan gods, and titans. I will also recap some of the cosmology from Our Infernal Neighbors, but with more detail on the astral state, because it's crucial to the way godlings grant some wishes, especially the most powerful ones. There will be more details on conceptual travel, for example, and probably an entire chapter on how permanent astral illusions work.

Meanwhile, as I edit material for Ranks of the Undead, I'm testing out an alternative format for the monster stat lines. I was satisfied with the information supplied and how condensed it all was, but the appearance left a little to be desired. I'd like to eventually just write my monsters in CSV format and have a script that wraps the proper formatting around them, while simultaneously compiling them to a stat reference appendix. We'll see about that.

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